Company Structure

The PTS system is owned and operated by Private Trading Systems Corp. in Panama. PTS Corp. is owned by PTS PLC, a UK based company listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

Participant Requirements

Membership of PTS is subject to meeting our membership requirements. All membership applications are subject to approval by our audit committee, who check for compliance with the appropriate legal requirements relating to sources of funds and/or securities and/or commodities. Because our membership requirements are strict, we do not provide online registration services.

Please contact our marketing department if you wish to pursue a membership application for PTS.


PTS can be used to trade any instrument for which there is an internationally recognized CINS (Cusip International Numbering system) number, as well as other commodities such as Carbon Credits. Securities or commodities traded on PTS need the approval of our audit committee. The issuer of an security or commodity does not have to be a member for it to be traded on PTS. Please contact our marketing department if you wish to see any particular instrument or commodity to be traded on PTS.

Settlement procedure

PTS offers near instantaneous settlement, funds, securities or commodities being transfered between members in real time.

Trades matched on PTS are settled by delivery of cash or securities directly into the member's PTS related bank accounts. Commission fees are collected at the same time as settlement. The use of our STP technology means we offer real-time settlement, although there may be times for operational, security, or as part of our compliance procedures, where settlement may be slightly delayed.

PTS has a proven track record of integration with external banking systems - for example the Apsys Private Banking system which is used extensively in Switzerland, PTS has the capability to interface to most modern banking systems.

Market Hours

PTS is open 7 days/week, from 00:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT.